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A luxury sustainable fashion magazine featuring nothing BUT ethical and conscious pieces and labels. 

Words from Moss Magazine Editor 'Veronika Makovey'

We’re so ridiculously excited for our baby to be put out in the world and for you to have unlimited time to peruse through countless articles, editorial images and products that we’ve hunted down and styled to inspire you.

In this first issue we conduct multiple interviews with sustainable designers to get an understanding of how they set up their sustainable brands, have a resident naturopath debrief us about low-tox beauty rituals, forecast current trends and sustainable pieces that are on trend yet continue to be cherished and worn to death. We will also guide you through finding those killer pieces in op shops, unveil the truth about recycling plastic and where the sustainable fashion space is heading.

As you know, we are a sustainable fashion magazine, so all of the items included have been sustainably or ethically made. We are big believers in people making a difference, but also that we’re not perfect and through mistakes opportunities for growth arise. We’re all on this journey together, and therefore if some designers have a few chinks of their sustainable supply chain missing, we still support their effort towards being an entirely sustainable. Company start ups are expensive and we’d rather support people’s efforts, so that they continue to thrive and inspire people to follow their lead.

April 09, 2020 by Of One Kind Store.