Of One Kind is a responsible lifestyle brand that offers timeless pieces made to last and be lived in. We aim to create thoughtful, feminine designs that you will treasure for years to come. 
Born on the sun soaked beaches of the Sunshine Coast, Australia in 2018, Of One Kind embraces the beauty of nature within our designs to create an effortless piece that, like nature, never goes out of style. Founder Alana Dale has incorporated her belief of less is more within the core values of Of One Kind, understanding a few simple, well made pieces is all we need to create a lifestyle and wardrobe that brings us joy and expresses our personality. 
Of One Kind is a small, family owned fashion label brought to life by a small team of creatives who believe and live by responsible living, community and authenticity. We are deeply grateful for your support of our label with love at our core and the desire to always keep learning, growing and changing to ensure we continue to decrease our footprint on this beautiful Earth we call home.