GOLDEN HOUR is live!
All our clothing is made from natural fabrics or natural plant and herb dyed materials. This low environmental impact process can result in some colour runs or fading in areas.
We recommend you wash each OF ONE KIND garment before the first wear. Please use eco friendly detergent, Cold gentle machine wash and line dry.          
Caring for naturally dyed garments is a little different than caring for conventionally dyed garments, but as soon as you do it this way, i'm sure it will become an easy part of your routine.
Do not spot clean!
Most natural dyes react to acid, so please be careful when handling citrus, or citrus juices. If a stain happens, make a small bath of warm water with a small amount of  a natural plant based stain fighting detergent. Leave for a few minutes, squeeze out, wash as normal. If a stain persists, keep washing! It will fade with time.